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A premium quality paint that has been specifically formulated to protect masonry surfaces from fungal and algal growth.

Easy to store, easy to apply, dries rapidly, low odor and gives good adhesion.

Ideal for hospitals, clinics, humid environments or where infection control is required.

Application Method
Actual Coverage : 25-30sqm/ 4L / coat ( depending upon surface conditions) Method of Application : Brush / Roller / Spray
No. of Coats : 1- 2 coats
Thinner : Water
Color : As per request % Reduction : Unnecessary. But if Finish required to obtain desired properties, a small amount of water maybe added
Finish : Semi-gloss
Drying Time
Set to touch : 15 mins - 30 mins
Dry Hard 2-3 Hours
Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an important step in application. Most problems are caused by improper surface preparations. Service life span and the service performance of these products are directly related to the degree of surface preparation.

A. New Surface
  • New concrete must be allowed to cure for 28 days.
  • Surface must be clean, free from surface deposits and thoroughly dry prior to painting.
  • Treat concrete surface with Concrete Neutralizer. Mix (1L) Concrete Neutralizer with (10-15) liters water.Apply sufficiently by brush or by roller then let it dry overnight (optional). Then rinse with water to remove formed white residues from the surface. Let dry.
B. Repainting
  • Scrape off loose, scaling and peeling old paints. Sand the whole surface including those areas with old paints that adheres well.
  • For areas with extreme chalking problems, steel brush and blow air from compressor or wipe with a clean rag wet with water.



  • For areas affected by molds and mildews, wipe the whole surface with a clean rag wet with chlorox (sodium hypochlorite) solution. Scrub using a stiff nylon brush then rinse with water. To ensure proper treatment, apply fungicidal washing compound. Leave overnight then rinse and let dry.

Stir thoroughly prior and during usage. Apply at package consistency or up to 5% water reduction. Apply an even coat by brush, roller or spray.

Equipment Clean-up

Do not allow the paint to dry on the equipment. Use water as the cleaning solvent. Spray equipment should be given a final rinse with mineral spirits (paint thinner) to prevent rusting.

Safety Precautions

Thoroughly wash hands after application. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing such as overalls, gloves and goggles. Use a dust mask/particulate respirator if applying by spray.

Eyes In the event of accidental splashes, flush eyes with warm water immediately. Then seek medical advice.
Skin Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.
Inhalation Move to fresh air, loosen collar and keep patient rested
Ingestion In case of accidental ingestion, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Obtain immediate medical attention. For
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