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A two-component epoxy-polyamide based paint especially formulated for industrial use to produce hard, tough, and abrasion resistant film. It gives excellent adhesion to various substrates and provides corrosion resistance to steel.

An ideal coating for areas where resistance to industrial conditions is desired. It is also suitable as an interior tank lining for potable water.

Application Method

Actual Coverage : 20-25sqm / 4L / coat (depending upon surface conditions)

Color : As per request Drying Time : Set to touch – 15 to 30 minutes

Finish Dry Hard – 6 to 8 hours

Primer : Flat Dry Through – 24 hours

Topcoat : Gloss Method Application : Brush/ Roller/ Spray

No. of Components : Two (2) No. of Coats : 1-2 coats

Mixing Ratio (by volume) : 3parts Resin:1 part Cure Thinner : Epoxy Reducer

Induction Time : 15-30 minutes % Reduction : Unnecessary. But if required to obtain desired properties,

Pot Life : 6-8 hours 5% reduction may be done

Packaging : 4L/16L

Chemical Resistance

Temperature : Withstands continuous dry heat upto 120 °C

Weatherability : Excellent under marine and industrial environment

Solvents : Withstands intermittent splash and spill of aromatic solvents and other solvents like ketones and esters

Acids : Resistant to diluted acids. Not recommended for resistance to strong oxidizing acids such as sulfuric, nitric and chromic or to strong

concentrations of acetic and formic acids

Alkalis, Salts : Resistant to common alkalis and salts

Water : Excellent. Resists exposure to fresh and sea water

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an important step in application. Most problems are caused by improper surface preparations. Service life span and the service performance of these products are directly related to the degree of surface preparation.


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination such as wax, oils, grease, mill scale or rust. A minimum SSPC-SP2 Hand Tool Cleaning or SSPC-SP3

Power Tool Cleaning is recommended. However, an SSPC-SP6 Commercial Blast Cleaning will provide improved performance. Concrete

Sweep blast. Remove all contaminants such as dirt, laitance. Acid etched. Wood

Block down. Wipe with solvent containing cloth.

Surface Preparation System Thickness



Metal Surfaces Hand/ power tool clean or

abrasive blasts to SSPC-SP10.

Dust off. For Interior Tank Lining

1 st coat: Epoxy Primer White

2 nd coat: Epoxy Enamel White

3 rd coat: Epoxy Enamel White

For other areas not exposed to direct sunlight:

1 st coat: Epoxy Primer Red Oxide

2 nd coat: Epoxy Enamel Topcoat

3 rd coat: Epoxy Enamel Topcoat 40-50






Concrete Surfaces Sweep blast. Remove all

contaminants such as dirt,

laitance. Acid etched. For Floor Coating Application

1 st coat: Epoxy Primer Gray/

Putty: Epoxy Putty

2 nd coat: Epoxy Enamel Topcoat

3 rd coat: Epoxy Enamel Topcoat 50-75





Stir each component thoroughly before use. Mix to uniform consistency 3 parts of A (resin) with 1 part of B (catalyst). Mixed component should be applied within 6 hours.

Surface temperature must be at least 3°C above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation. Do not apply when the relative humidity exceeds 85%, to prevent occurrence of condensation.

Epoxy Putty

Add 4 kgs of calciumine to mixed component of Epoxy primer to come up with putty. Apply an even coat using pallete knife. Conventional Spray

Reduce if necessary with Epoxy Thinner up to 10% by volume of mixed paint to come up with good application viscosity. Use normal equipment suitable for low viscosity paints.

Brush/ Roller

Apply an even coat taking care to avoid runs and sags. Drying will be retarded if surface temperature is below 5°C and painting should be stopped until the temperature rises. Care should be taken to avoid excess film build as this could lead to runs and retard drying. As drying involves solvent release, adequate ventilation is essential. Do not vary recommended film thickness without the technical confirmation.

Safety Precautions

Thoroughly wash hands after application. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing such as overalls, gloves and goggles. Use a dust mask particulate respirator or if applying by spray.

Eyes : In the event of accidental splashes, flush eyes with warm water immediately. Then seek medical advice.

Skin : Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Inhalation : Move to fresh air, loosen collar and keep patient rested.

Ingestion : In case of accidental ingestion, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Obtain immediate medical attention.

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