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News & Updates

Summer Promo 2015

BC Caravan 2015

Watch out as Builder’s Choice visits MRP Building and PDI (Phil. Daily Inquirer) to offer various discounts and freebies to all IGC Employees. Paints will be available for sale at booths located in building lobbies. BC Caravan 2015 will be at MRP on March 19, 20 & 23, and at PDI on March 24,25 &26.

Elastomeric Promo

Protect your homes from all kinds of weather. Builder’s Choice Elastomeric paint is perfect for your house’s exterior with its water-proofing properties. As a treat this summer, you get a Free Paint Roller when you purchase at least 1 pail of Elastomeric Paint (Colors: Grey, Beige, White).

This offer is valid until June 30, 2015 only.

BC Rebates 2015

Hear ye! Hear ye! Summer is here and it’s time to jump start that Painting Project you have in mind! Take advantage of this exciting offer that we have. Get a 2% rebate for a minimum purchase of PhP20,000 worth of Builder’s Choice paints! Your rebate will be deducted immediately on your next purchase*.

It’s that easy! So, hurry and call us now to place your orders! Promo is until June 30, 2015 only.

(*Rebate will be applied on the next purchase with same minimum amount.)

Photo Me

Can’t wait to show everyone your newly painted home? Upload a photo of it now using your mobile phone and get a chance to receive a special gift from us! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Access and Like our FB Page at

2. Upload via Facebook the photo of area to be painted, labelled as BEFORE/DURING/AFTER. DURING and AFTER photo should have Builder’s Choice can/pail in the background.

3. Put a short description of the area (example: Dela Cruz Residence – Living Room) and the #builderschoicePM

4. Invite your friends to like your photo once it appears in our FB Page

Voila! Once your photo is accepted and posted, you get a Souvenir Gift from us. Want more? Get as many likes on your photo as you can to get a special prize! Just make sure your photo has a resolution of at least 3MP to qualify.

Promo is until June 30, 2015 only.