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News & Updates

BC Anti Bacterial Paint

Builder’s Choice Premium Quality Specialty Paints has recently added a new product line, Anti-bacterial paint. This new product is another testament to BC’s mission of providing consumers with safe and environment friendly products.

Antibac paint is often used in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, food commissaries, among others. But through the years, the importance of using health-friendly products continues to spread all over. Schools, homeowners, and individuals alike have now considered using antibac paints to ensure safety in their surroundings.

Special properties of antibac coatings help in preventing build-up of micro-organisms in surfaces. This will come in handy in our own kitchens and bathrooms. As summer is fast approaching, food-poisoning outbreaks and other infections are normally being watched out for. Extra pre-cautions are therefore necessary to avoid such health problems. Schools and day care centers will also benefit from this type of paint as classroom walls, where bacteria are housed, are often touched or leant on by children. With antibac paints, transmission from infected surfaces to humans and food are reduced.

Another advantage of antibac paint is that it stays longer. Unknown to others, bacteria-growth in surfaces cause paints to easily lose its life and color. Bacteria causes stains, discoloration and deteriorates paint properties. With the anti-microbial additive found in antibac paint, the aesthetic look of the surface is preserved. This means that you will be saving yourself time and money for doing re-painting jobs.

Furthermore, Builder’s Choice Antibacterial paint provides an additional line of protection to users in maintaining hygiene standards and public health, while keeping environment fresh and clean. It is ideal for interior concrete and drywall surfaces.

Benefits of using Builder’s Choice Antibacterial Paint:

  • Prevents spread of micro-organisms
  • Increase hygiene standards
  • Provides an elegant look in surrounding with its soft sheen finish
  • Keeps painted surfaces looking like new
  • Extends period for re-painting job for years



  • Protects from microbial growth in surfaces
  • Stain-resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Fast drying
  • Excellent hiding power
  • Lead/Mercury-free
  • Less Odor


Builder’s Choice Antibacterial Paint is available in:

Flat Latex/ Semi Gloss Latex/ Gloss Latex

White and Colored

Pail (16L) and Gallon (4L)